Project Description

RE-TIME, tailoring eco-social

ReTime is a small and artisanal eco-social tailoring. Ecological because the core of its work is to give a new life to old cloths and fabrics. Social because it promotes the job inclusion of vulnerable people such as refugees, asylum seekers and people with mental health problems.
This project born in an unexpected and casual interconnection among the Cooperative Fair-Trade Shop, Rita a young graduate in Fashion Design and Naseer a sous-chef that, before running away from his country, was working as a tailor.
As in many of our other experiences, it’s all about lives that cross each other and side by side merge individual paths for an indefinite amount of time.
This is our idea of doing business. A place in which we can produce useful and sustainable things, but also a place where we can create intense connections among people to grow together both individually and as community, sharing time, experiences, knowledge and projects.
Part of the production are made by the people of our guided work center, a rehabilitative daily service for people with mental health problems. Rita, besides managing the tailoring and designing the sketches, is also able to teach the technical and manual activities to everyone wants to learn and became a tailor. Naseer managed, after seven long years, to reunite with his family in Rovigo, and his wife today, is became his colleague in the tailoring.
Now, Rita and Naseer, are supported by Moussa, Samassi, Rashida and Emma in a multicultural laboratory made by different languages and personal stories.


  • Abbigliamento e accessori su misura

  • Personalizzazione capi

  • Produzione semi-industriali e conto terzi

  • Riparazioni

  • Riqualificazione creativa e vendita di abbigliamento

  • Produzione di capi originali in modelli singoli

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Rita Cassetta
Rita CassettaDesigner
30 years old, Italian, curious and organized. When I’m there the puzzle is completed.
Naseer Ahmad
Naseer AhmadTailor
42 years old, Pakistani, joking and skilful. When I’m there it’s a continuous party.
Moussa Camara
Moussa CamaraTailor
24 years old, Senegalese, carefree and scholarly. When I’m there, I never miss good music.
Jeannette Nzigui
Jeannette NziguiTailor
26 years old, Cameroonian, sunny and dynamic. When I’m there, the answer is always ready.
Samassi Bangaly
Samassi BangalyTailor
26 years old, Ivorian, sporty and energetic. When I’m there, time is relative.
Rashida Munir
Rashida MunirTailor
40 years old, Pakistani, caring mother and excellent cook. When I’m there, the weather is always sweet.
Emma Marina Mantovani
Emma Marina MantovaniTailor
51 years old, Italian, precise and simple. When I’m there I don’t need a meter, I see the millimeter!


  • 346 693 7530


  • ReTimeBoutique

  • Via della tecnica, 10 – 45100 Rovigo